Our value lies in our unique ability to bridge the communications gap between product development engineers on the one hand, and contractors, installers, and other users on the other hand.

You’ve likely experienced both sides of this gap. For example, technical information written by product engineers may be “over the head” of a user simply trying to set a thermostat in his or her office. In a similar vein, technical information written by marketing staff may not provide the depth of information required by contractors, system designers, or engineering partners.

We deliver value by threading the needle to provide exactly the right level of technical information that each audience needs. In today’s competitive market space, offering excellent technical information for your customers can help move your sales curve from good to great.

Efficient Allocation of Resources
If your organization doesn’t use technical writers to develop technical literature for use by reps, engineers, installers, and end-users, then using your engineering and testing resources to write this type of material may not be the most efficient use of your resources. Consider allowing these professionals to do more of what they do best, and allow technical communication and writing professionals to create clear, accurate, and accessible communications.

Our team has deep experience in all the skills needed:

  • information design and architecture
  • academic and industry lexicons (industry concepts and terminology)
  • end-user communications
  • tutorial and example development
  • technical white papers
  • a broad range of authoring applications, including
    • Adobe FrameMaker
    • Microsoft Word
    • Quark Express
    • Web-based help
    • Help & Manual
    • and a host of other widely used and not-so-widely used applications.