AHR Expo in Las Vegas

I’ll be attending the AHR Expo in Las Vegas Jan 31 to Feb 2. If you have product engineers writing your customer literature (such as instruction sheets), or if you’ve had customer complaints about the quality, organization, or ease-of-use of your product documentation, then we should meet at the Expo.

I’ll listen carefully to your concerns. And we’ll discuss how WillComm can help you utilize your engineer resources more efficiently while improving your customer experience in using your products.

You’ll be amazed at how a professional communications expert can understand the technical material developed by your engineers and produce clear, accurate literature that is accessible and usable for both industry professionals as well as end users. WillComm will carry your product documentation to a new level and “move the needle” for your customers’ level of satisfaction – not to mention referral and repeat purchase activity.

Call or email me to arrange a meeting at the Expo. I look forward to hearing from you!


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WILLCOMM –> Launch!

Hi! My name is Matt Willson. After 15 years in computer software and over a year learning the ropes of HVAC and hydronics with Taco, I am pleased to announce the launch of WILLCOMM. Our goal is to serve the technical information needs of the industry by delivering improved quality, accuracy, and readability of technical information. In short, we aim to improve your customers’ level of satisfaction by providing superb technical information resources.

Everyone has a story about an error, omission, or misinformation in a document that led to some kind of “non-optimal” result – I invite you to share your story here! One of my favorites is the 1-page consumer product “user guide” that was obviously translated into English from Chinese, such that the instructions don’t actually make any sense at all. For example, the instructions for a shelving unit say “connect branch to locket but now watch out!” And you can’t for the life of you figure out what is the “branch” or the “locket” or why you would need to “watch out!” Share your story by clicking “Leave a Comment” below.

Best regards-

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